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Have you ever seen “Manta Ray”?

You saw it in aquarium?

Actually we can see Manta at north west side of Ishigaki by snorkeling or diving.We have two sites;one is named “Kabira-Ishizaki Manta Scrumble”,the another is “Manta City”.


About the point of "Manta Ray"

The maximam depth is 25~30m,and average is 10~15m.

You can go there if we have south or east wind, so you should visit Ishigaki from March to the beginning of October to see Manta.

Mantas are coming there to let other fishes to clean their body. Because of that, some of the mountains of corals are called “Cleaning Station”. When you dive, and have a luck, Manta will pass above of you!

We recommend you to ask to the diving center locates in Kabira, not in the city because it’s clother to Manta point.

 Manta Ray


Hotels and accommodations in Kabira

Resort Hotels; Club Med Kabira, Sea Side Hotel, La Tieda Ishigaki Resort---they have a nice beach in front of them.

Accommodations; Lulaliya, Joya, Maetakaya, Kabira B&B,Sun Flower---they can accept foreigners.



Don't touch them!!

But please don’t try to touch or chase; they are very sensitive creatures.

While you are waiting or watching Manta, grab the coral to stay not to be surprised to Manta.

They don’t have any poisons, never attack to us.



Their meeting season is the best for watching

Bigger one(4-5 meters) is female, and smaller one(3~4 meters) is male.

Their meeting season is from September to October; it means it’s the best to come at that season.

Also there is a lot of sea creatures; sea turtles, some kinds of anemone fishes.



Also you can see them by "Snorkeling"

Even if you don’t have a license of diving or never tried, you can see Manta by snorkeling!

Mantas sometimes come to the surface. If you are very lucky, Manta will jump out!!

distinguish Mantas



How to distinguish them

Now, I’ll tell you the way to distinguish Mantas.

1)    Look the white line seems like a heart on the back

2)    Look the black points on the stomach

3)    What kind of creatures or how many creatures it has under the stomach

4)    Look and count the wounds injuried by the shark



Actually there are over 2000 Mantas around Ishigaki!! Can you believe??

They are living normally in Nagura Bay locates the west side of Ishigaki, and come to Kabira for cleaning or meeting.

We have a chance to see Manta from the cape of Uganzaki(Oganzaki) Light Hourse!





Some rules to obey to watch "Manta Ray"

Anyway, please obey your instructor when you dive or do snorkeling to see Manta, because we have some rules.

For divers;

1)    Don’t go to the cleaning station

2)    Don’t go away to be alone, keep behind your instructor

3)    Check your air while you are diving even if there is Manta

4)    Pay attention to your buoyancy not to float on the surface



For snorkelers;

1)    Don’t go to the above of cleaning station and Manta

2)    Don’t go away to be alone, keep behind your instructor

3)    Take your fins as tightly as possible not to throw away

4)    Hold your camera not to throw away

5)    Don’t do skin dive



Follow the rules, and enjoy watching Manta!


Written by MIKA

(Twitter;MIKA@divingishigaki, Instagram;mika_divinginstructor_ishigaki)

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