【Kabira Bay】The praise of “MICHELIN”---White Sand and Emerald Sea,Tropical


Hi there!

This is MIKA from Ishigaki 😉

Anyway, I have a question for you---why you want to go to Ishigaki?

I think because of the beautiful and tropical sea.

When you come here, you should visit “Kabira Bay” to enjoy watching and taking the picture of the great view!

About "Kabira Bay"

Kabira Bay

What and Where?

“Kabira Bay” ,one of the place you should visit, is located at north west side of Ishigaki.

It takes only 30 minutes by car from the city.

It’s registered as one of the beautiful sites not only in Japan, but also by “Michelin Green Guide Japon”!! That’s why many many tourists visit there every day!

What it has and what you can do

There is a parking, restaurants, accommodations, and souvenir shops.

Try to eat Ishigaki original meals;Yaeyama Noodles or “Kamaboko”,Blue Seal Ice creams;Okinawan original brand.

In summer, you should take juicy tropical pinaples!!

You can enjoy not only walking but also riding the grass-boat to watch the bottom of Kabira Bay;there is a lot of creatures and corals!

Also there is a tourisum to enjoy kayak in Kabira Bay.

If you want to take the tropical fruits, you should visit “Kabira Maetake Farm”.

They sell sweet pinapples, mangos and dragon fruits in summer time in reasonable prices.



Stay "Kabira" for Manta and Stardust


Hotels and accommodations

Then, there are some hotels and accommodations in Kabira Area.

If you want to see Manta Ray, it’s better to stay there and join to the tour of diving shop in Kabira because the Manta point is very cloth to Kabira Bay.

diving shop

Resort Hotels; Club Med Kabira, Sea Side Hotel, La Tieda Ishigaki Resort---they have a nice beach in front of them.

Accommodations; Lulaliya, Joya, Maetakaya, Kabira B&B,Sun Flower---they can accept foreigners.

accommodation in Kabira

 Make sure for your dinner!

By the way, if you stay in accommodation in Kabira, you have to pay attention to take a diner!

There is neither convenience store nor supermarket, and they have a few restaurants in night time.

It’s better to offer the diner to your accommodation, and buy something you need in day time.

 Walk under the starry sky

Finally, we recommend you to walk there after it gets dark because you can see night sky fulled stars!

You can find 84 of 88 constellations in Yaeyama Islands. Ishigaki is decided the best location to watch the stars and milkey way,also it’s the only place to see Southern Cross in Japan!

The sound of waves and stars will give you the special memory.

Kabira is wonderful place to visit


Anyway, Kabira is wonderful place to visit!

Enjoy there with your family,friends or lovers.


Enjoy there with your family


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